Specialists in business and product automation, Yantra Digital creates technology that makes business work smarter.

This is complemented by full-service expertise – from planning and specification, developments, testing and deployment, to technical support and consulting.

What we do

Business Automation

We have a proven development model for delivering mobile and web applications beyond client expectations and within budget. This comes from having an eye for detail in each and every process we are creating, the correct inputs at ideation and spec’ing to ensure all workflows are as user friendly as possible and a dedicated team who just love to deliver user-friendly digital journeys with real, measurable ROI.

Marketing Automation

At Yantra, we work with you to understand your business operations and develop marketing automation applications tailored to your business model; maximising your target-user engagement and boosting your ROI.

Automation in marketing has become a crucial factor for brand consistency, effective messaging of product information and sharing latest information in live time across a global team.

Web and Mobile Applications

More and more web users are using mobile technologies as their main or only point of accessing the web. In 2015 numbers reached over 2 billion smartphone users, therefore no business could ignore the importance of having an engaging mobile application.

Yantra develop clever and innovative mobile applications that can be coded in HTML 5 or native to iOS and Android.



Develop new services and capabilities for customers


Build automated apps ready to deploy at scale


Create results-focused technology with proven ROI


Increase knowledge sharing and training potential


Understand and anticipate your customers’ needs


Create a consistent, collective way of working

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