Wideum RemoteEye - Get immediate live remote assistance

Help your workforce to solve any incidents with experts who assist with any problem.

Save time, money, and eliminate downtime caused by possible malfunctions. With the Remote Eye live remote assistance software, you have a personal expert with you at your side.

Experts will guide and help your workforce at anytime.

Remote Eye is Live Video Remote Assistance for Industrial Maintenance and Assembly with Smart Glasses, Mobiles and Tablets. Save Money and Time.
Remote eye is

A software solution based on smart glasses, smartphones, tablets and PCs to share information between on-site operators and support departments. It effectively assists users executing difficult tasks and operation maintenance, having real-time data at hand, while keeping a close look at the remote situation.

How it works

Connect to an expert with live video remote assistance to support you and fix any problem. Hands-free, cloud based, screensharing and quality solutions to efficiently communicate and solve any issue.

Remarkable functions

Functions that get your tasks done effortlessly. Remote Eye helps you to share information during the call, as well as recording and saving it for later revision with remote and third-party experts. Additionally, the red dot pointer makes it easier to focus on what is relevant.

Text messenger

Write messages with a multi-language translator (>50 languages)


Several experts on the same call

Connected to third-party experts without license

They can join the call with an email or code invitation

Offline records

Send offline files to an expert from your device

Red dot

Point to the real problem for quick solutions

Live drawing

Capture and edit an image of the video call in real-time

Remote Eye is a live remote assistance software for business with unique features to make a difference.


Unlimited Storage

Record save and save all your video calls and files



English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean


System integration

Easliy integrated in your system: CRM,ERP,CMMS, Salesforce


On-premise available

Save data on our servers or yours


Highly compatible

Use our software with a wide variety of smart glasses


Vuzix smart glasses are an instructor on-the-go. Ensure everyone receives the same detailed instructions for the tasks resulting in higher quality across the board.

With instructions displayed step-by-step, there is a reduced error rate for tasks. This real-time checklist, combined with video recording, allows for through quality assurance


The smart-glasses-connected picker will receive all necessary pick and order information in a convenient heads-up format. Instant user feedback on the success of a pic will decrease overall errors.

Recording enables managers to spot errors in picking and inefficiencies in workplace processes. Video can also be used for interactive training purposes when recruiting new staff

Field Service

Connecting with exports remotely allows workers to collaborate while away in isolated regions. With this technology, issue resolution is not limited to the availability of experts to travel. People can be contacted bases on their expertise rather than location, allowing for a smoother repair, maintenance, or upgrade process.

Health Care

Leveraging medical expertise is a world problem. Tele-medicine is the remote delivery of healthcare services through technology. Smart glasses are uniquely helpful for tele-medicine uses-cases in that onsite care practitioner can receive live expert interactive medical feedback while simultaneously acting on the feedback with their hands.

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