Mixed Reality for innovative & impactful organisations

We create innovative and immersive Mixed Reality solutions that allow you to learn completely independent of time and place.

Mixed Reality for healthcare & safety

We develop custom Mixed Reality solutions that take care training & support to a new level. We also offer a platform with multiple apps that you can use right away. Thanks to our immersive apps, anyone can learn new skills regardless of time and place. This increases efficiency & learning retention, saves costs for your organisation and together we’re able to help more people!
Higher learning retention

Thanks to more immersion and the option to practice more often

Lower costs

Due to the ability to train flexibly where and when it suits you

More confidence

Because you can learn more often and at your own pace


Why would this be useful?

Good question. It makes for a great learning tool because it’s able to simulate all kinds of immersive scenario’s that are otherwise hard, expensive, or impossible to replicate in real life. The headset doesn’t need to be attached to a computer so you can use it wherever, whenever, and as much as you’d like.

Anything Else?

Given the HoloLens is basically a small computer on your head, it can do quite a lot of things. One great feature is called Remote Assist. This lets you do hands-free video calling, where others can look along from their own devices. They can take notes or call up documents within your own view.

About Velicus

We develop Mixed Reality apps & courses to help people learn. Our CPR+ app teaches you how to perform CPR using Mixed Reality and a physical doll. With Fire+ you’ll deal with different types of fire and see the consequences of doing this incorrectly

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