Taqtile: Augmented Reality Work Instruction Software

AR work instructions give desk-less workers access to step-by-step guidance from experienced technicians anywhere, anytime.

Manifest® makes everyone an expert

Put knowledge right at their fingertips. Device agnostic and scalable, Manifest is an AR work instruction tool that helps train and upskill your workforce, wherever they may be.
AR Headset

• Hands-Free
• AR Enabled

Optimal Uses:

• 3D Authoring
• Operations
• Remote Assistance


• Ubiquitous and Familiar
• AR Enabled

Optimal Uses:

• Broad Deployment
• Operations
• Remote Assistance


• Hands-Free
• Ruggedized & Lightweight

Optimal Uses:

• Broad Deployment
• Remote Assistance
• Operations


• No Programming
• Easy, Flexible Authoring
• Optional 3D Models
• Multilingual
• Institutional Knowledgebase


• Flexible Deployment
• Multi Cloud Options
• On-Premise and Edge
• Offline Use
• Device Choice
• End to End Security
• Open API


• Consistent Execution
• Step-by-step work instructions
• Remote Expert Assistance
• Team Collaboration
• Evidence Capture
• Fault Reporting
• IIoT/SCADA Integration
• Job Performance History

Inspection & Maintenance Checks

Digital workflows deployed on or offline to access step by step instructions. They can also easily access/capture photos and videos to log steps as tasks are completed, reducing errors and increasing quality & time.

Remote Expert & Remote Assist

Provide guidance directly and in real time, cutting down on travel costs, improving service levels, and leveraging hands-on experience in a way that is proven to be more effective than traditional training methods.

Data Visulaisation

QR codes in assisted reality devices make it easy to access data sources and analytics for specific equipment can be viewed in context.

Digital Workflows
RealWearNavigator 500__IndustrialSideProfile

Load 3D assets into view or onto the psychical object. Step by step instructions outlining maintenance processes combined with the ability to have moving assets and prompts.

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