Magic Leap 2

The most immersive AR platform for enterprise, available September 30, 2022.

Reality-bending abilities

With Magic Leap 2, you’ll elevate your enterprise Augmented Reality (AR) environment, so you can develop and adopt innovative solutions more easily.
Next-generation features

One of the most advanced AR devices on the market, Magic Leap 2 delivers powerful spatial computing in a lightweight, ergonomic design.

Intuitive solutions

With Magic Leap 2, you’ll equip your developer teams with an open platform that provides flexibility, easy usage and robust support.

Transformative capabilities

Get complete control with seamless management, a customizable User Experience (UX), cloud-agnostic support and data privacy.

Magic Leap 2 Base

Magic Leap 2 Base targets professionals and developers that wish to access one of the most advanced augmented reality devices available. Use in full commercial deployments and production environments is permitted. The device includes a 1-year limited warranty.

Dev Pro
Magic Leap 2 Developer Pro

Magic Leap 2 Developer Pro provides access to developer tools, sample projects, enterprise-grade features, and monthly early releases for development and test purposes. Recommended only for internal use in the development and testing of applications. Use in full commercial deployments and production environments is not permitted. Magic Leap 2 Developer Pro will include a 1-year limited warranty.

Magic Leap 2 Enterprise

Magic Leap 2 Enterprise is targeted for environments that require flexible, large scale IT deployments and robust enterprise features. This tier includes quarterly software releases fully manageable via enterprise UEM/MDM solutions. Use in fully commercial deployments and production environments is permitted. Magic Leap 2 Enterprise comes with 2 years of access to enterprise features and updates and includes an extended 2-year limited warranty.

Best-in-Class Platform
Magic Leap 2 is the most advanced AR device on the market. It features industry leading optics with up to 70° diagonal FOV; the world’s first dynamic dimming capability; and powerful computing in a lightweight ergonomic design to elevate enterprise AR solutions.
Transforming the Enterprise
Magic Leap 2 delivers a full array of capabilities and features that enable developers to build solutions for the enterprise market. With platform-level support for complete cloud autonomy, full data privacy, and device management through leading MDM providers, Magic Leap 2 offers the flexibility that developers need and businesses demand
Empowering Developers
Magic Leap 2’s AOSP-based OS interface offers flexibility on an open platform for easier development and deployment. Magic Leap 2’s robust developer portal provides the resources and tools needed to learn, build, and publish innovative solutions.
Powerful, Comfortable, Versatile
Magic Leap 2 is powerful enough to help professionals with the most complex tasks, but comfortable enough for extended wear—weighing about as much as a pair of headphones (260g). With a controller, hand tracking, and gesture control, professionals have the flexibility to work whichever way they prefer.
TeamViewer Frontline

Frontline is a fully integrated augmented reality solution. Frontline improves manual work processes across industries on the basis of the latest wearable computing technologies.


holo|one sphere offers out-of-the-box functionality for all major enterprise use cases to tackle challenges across various verticals in a single, unified solution.


With AR, technicians can also connect and collaborate with remote experts for additional guidance. In addition, AR is an effective tool for product design, end-to-end project management and equipment layout scenarios.


The Hololens 2 online meeting and collaboration platform specialized for engineering and data-intensive enterprise users in all sectors. JoinXR leverages cloud rendering and offers a structured paradigm for immersive collaboration.

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