Kognitiv Spark RemoteSpark gives your team the confidence to do the job right, the first time.

Fix broken machinery, train staff on a specific task, complete on-site inspections, and enable mission guidance in a hands-free, highly intuitive mixed reality environment and eliminate costly production downtime and travel expenses.

Eliminate Unneeded Expert Travel

When a system requires repair, subject matter experts can guide workers remotely without ever having to leave their office. No more costly, last-minute travel expenses to get operations back up and running.

Reduce Equipment Downtime

Enable non-specialized workers to perform maintenance and repairs like experts. Complete tasks with 90% more accuracy by integrating mixed reality support calls with multi-step holograms into standard operating procedures and improve comprehension.

Improve Knowledge Transfer

Every RemoteSpark call creates a hands-on, one-on-one training session. Train workers on a task while they do it. Industrial mixed reality tools can improve worker performance by 34% on the first attempt and increase learning retention by 75%.

Increase Safety and Empower your Workers

Give your workers the confidence, skills, guidance, real-time data, and resources they need to perform their best work when they need it most.

RemoteSpark allows remote workers to establish a low-bandwidth, secure video and audio call with subject matter experts when they need help solving a complex problem. The expert, who can be located anywhere in the world, can then see what the remote worker sees and use holographic assets to support the task, all the while keeping the user heads-up and hands-free.

Robust Security Infrastructure

Built to meet and beat the highest security standards, all communications and assets are fully end-to-end encrypted. To meet a wide range of data governance requirements, on-premise or cloud computing options are available and can operate fully air-gapped.

Low-Bandwidth Capabilities

Ideal for remote locations, a minimum of only 128kbps is required to operate voice & video calls, including 3D holograms, and IoT integrations. Reliable calls can run while connected to a mobile hotspot.

Multi-Step Animated Holograms

Experts can drag and drop 3D holograms into the worker’s field of view. These holograms can be animated to show a multi-step process of a specific repair or task, improving comprehension. CAD files can be converted into 3D holograms to support a worker’s task comprehension.

Photo Capture & Annotation

To facilitate task comprehension, subject matter experts can take photos of the worker’s field of view. These photos can then be annotated on and appear in the remote worker’s field of view as holograms. Experts can also annotate live in the worker’s field of view.

On-Premise or in the Cloud

Your data can live in the environment defined by your data governance policies. RemoteSpark is the first mixed reality communication tool to be able to operate its backend in both cloud and on-premise environments.

IoT Enabled Holograms

RemoteSpark can integrate your organization’s live-sensor data and IoT, rendering it on a hologram to inform your field workers of key metrics in real-time. Make complex data meaningful and actionable and increase situational awareness by tying data endpoints to holograms.
Reduce Equipment Downtime
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Workers can perform maintenance and repairs like experts – task complete 90% more accurately1

Reduce Expert Travel
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Subject matter experts can guide front line workers remotely without traveling on site

Empower Your Workers
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Provide workers the support and access to knowledge they need to perform at their best

Close the Skills Gap
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Improve knowledge transfer and train workers on a task while they do it. Improves performance by 34% on first attempt2 and leaning retention by 75%

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