Pioneering the application of behavioural psychology and immersive VR

Unlock the Strength Within Jenson8 VR is a Metaverse platform that delivers behavioural change that drives growth. Changing the way companies connect.

Imagine being able to combine all of the best leadership and team
development tools in one place where individuals and teams can practice in
a fully immersive safe world to solve complex problems.

Psychometrics – 360 – assessment centres coaching – facilitation individual and team analysis

We call it Apollo

Complex problem-solving challenge Physically and psychologically safe VR Multi-player VR enables complete cycles of ‘experiential learning’ as a team and for individuals…

Scalable behaviour change programs
Accelerated self awareness
Learning that is fun!
Connects team in Apollo


Participants in VR are tasked with assembling
parts to fix the escape pods and physically
interact with the virtual world.

The flow of the session follows
a learning cycle approach.


Participants who can be heard but not seen by
A. They help (or hinder) A’s task how they see
fit. They cannot physically interact with the
virtual world.

This involves multiple games,
where players get the
opportunity to play in each of
the positions at least once.


Participants who observe A and B collaborating on the
task and have limited communication. They cannot
physically interact with the virtual world

VR with multi-player enables
complete cycles of ‘experiential
learning’ as a team and for

Available to complement the Realwear devices is a range of accessories, from hard hat clips to multi battery chargers.


• Introduction to Apollo
• Confirm value hypothesis
• Analyze financial impacting
• Confirm demonstration date


• Agree on objectives
• Select & brief participants
• Confirm tech support plan
• Conduct Demonstration
• Collect feedback & evaluation
• Agreement to pilot


• Prioritize business outcomes
• Design pilot
• Agree on evaluation criteria
• Run pilot
• Evaluate outcomes
• Decision to proceed


• Collaborate on the plan
• Company- wide program
• Agree support level
• Set objectives

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