iSafe Mobile devices for zone 1/2

In potentially explosive atmospheres Ex-protected communication devices are mandatory. Our mobile phones, smartphones and tablets are, among other things, certified according to ATEX and approved for Zone 1 for gases and Zone 21 for dust.

Our services enclose all activities around the development of mobile explosion safe devices – from the idea to the serial production and beyond. Our partners can be sure that MOBILE is at their side offering competent support.

Zone 1/21

In addition, the devices provide other internationally relevant explosion protection approvals such as IECEX, CSA, EAC, etc. Our intrinsically safe devices can therefore be used in areas where an explosive atmosphere is likely to occur during normal operation.

Zone 2/22

A potential explosive atmosphere occurs rarely in zone 2/22 and if only for a limited time. To ensure safety also in these comparatively low-risk areas the use of our mobile phones, smartphones and tablets is recommended. Amongst others they are certified in accordance with ATEX Zone 2/22.


We have based the development of the rugged mobile industrial devices on the American military standard MIL-STD-810-H. This standard specifies test methods for resistance to various environmental influences. Functionality is fully retained at very high and very low temperatures and in the presence of moisture, dust, impact, shock or vibrations.

SOS key for loneworker protection
LWP ready (third party application required, based on country specific regulations)
Push-To-Talk key
PTT ready (third party application required, based on country specific approvals)
Amplified loudspeaker
Dual-Micro-SIM (for selected models)
USB-C, magnetic charger port, Desktop Charger
Accelerometer, gyroscope, light, magnetic, proximity sensors

Available to complement the iSafe devices is a range of accessories, from multi-chargers to spare batteries.


Multi charger for six devices, each with a second charging slot for spare batteries. Size: 595 x 113 x 77 mm (L x W x H). Compatible for IS530.1, IS530.M1, IS530.2, IS530.RG und IS520.1, IS520.2.


Desktop charger for IS520.1, IS520.2 and IS530.1, IS530.M1, IS530.2, IS530.RG with a second charging slot for spare battery, Size: 88 x 78 x 44 mm (L x W x H)


IS530.1 Li-ion battery 3600 mAh, Type BPIS530.1A, Size: 95,9 x 44,0 x 14,5 mm (L x W x H)

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