Augmented and Mixed Reality for the Enterprise

Organizations are actively seeking solutions that can scale and accelerate the digital transformation of their businesses. Augmented Reality (AR) is the definitive technology that delivers an immediate impact to a variety of human-centric activities.

Many companies view AR as the best solution to streamline their workflows by providing hands-free access to immersive step-by-step instructions while performing complex manual tasks.

With AR, technicians can also connect and collaborate with remote experts for additional guidance. In addition, AR is an effective tool for product design, end-to-end project management and equipment layout scenarios.
Immerse 3D

• 3D Visualization of large models
• Multi-user, multi-location collaboration
• HoloLens 2, Magic Leap & Mobile AR

AR Instructor

• Step-by-step AR-guided instruction
• Utilize 3D models, videos, documents & photos
• Remote expert assistance

Optimization of complex 3D Models

Hybrid rendering for point clouds and mesh models

Real-time session and sharing services

Extensive range of formats for BIM, CAD, LiDAR, photogrammetry

Integration of project documents, images and IoT data

Multi-party synchronized 3D experiences across multiple devices

Immersive 3D for Web Meetings

Arvizio’s Immerse 3D provides the ability to share and interact with 3D models in AR using collaborative web meeting platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom. Engineers and project teams can transform their virtual meetings by conducting vital planning and review sessions of their CAD, BIM and other popular 3D model formats, and visualize AR digital twins in a fully synchronized experience using mixed reality headsets and/or mobile devices.

3D Model Sync

Using Immerse 3D, customers select models on Arvizio Director and share 3D models in a collaborative session. Participants using the Arvizio Immerse 3D app can annotate and review the models in a collaborative AR enabled web meeting. 3D models on devices are erased at the end of the session.


Virtual meetings provide significant cost savings and efficiency when conducting business. Arvizio Immerse 3D provides the opportunity to bring multiple stakeholders into an interactive, synchronized discussion with 3D models to streamline planning and review sessions across locations.

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