The Care Givers App

Improve the way we look after patients suffering with Alzheimer’s and dementia with our Caregivers App (CGA).

Built using the MPH Group app builder, the CGA reassures relatives that their loved one is receiving the best level of care.

The mobile application and centralized management dashboard is a software platform aimed at improving the way we look after Alzheimer’s and Dementia Patients who still live at home. These patients require regular home visits and are generally looked after by a family member.

Today the biggest challenge is the volume of elderly patients being pushed out from the NHS to the local council and private health care companies and its increasing every year. Most private health care companies and local councils work manually, with paper time sheets and manual scheduling and manual rota based diary management and no way of keeping the family UpToDate and in regular communication.

With everyone doing the best that they can based on the very little tools they currently have, it’s generally the family that is left with the most difficult of times. The family members have already gone through the loss of their mother/father through the illness and are now left with the heavy burden of trying to look after a patient who actually has no idea of who they are or who is looking after them with the addition of all the symptoms that come with these awful diseases.

The Health Care App is designed to help the three parties: (the below list is not exhaustive )

Benefits for the Care Giver

Simple to use swipe and click functionality

Diary/Calendar automation and management and central office sync

Automation of time sheets – integrated into Payroll

Stock automation – sync with central office.

Appointment setting – quick route mapping

Overtime management.

iPhone-X-Master copy

Benefits for the Family Member

Access to instantly know who and where carer is. – GPS Tracker

Update, change daily tasks.

See medicine allocated and administered.

Instantly see Heart rate, hours slept, anxiety levels etc (API into Fit Bit)*

Communicate directly with Carer/Central Office

Panic Button – request revisit.

Benefits for the Central Administration

Centralised management system to manage all carers out on the road.

Centralised reporting using AI and Power BI analytics, see where your care givers are at any time.

Automation of Stock control and time sheets and payroll

Instant view of all communication between Care Giver, Patient and Patient Family

Diary management and drag and drop rota management

Current Health status of all patients.

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