Professional Services

Get the expertise and support you need to enable your growth

Providing new immersive technology solutions

If you don’t know where to start, start with sharing with us what you are aiming to achieve.

We listen and we learn, we experience together.

If you don’t know what you want to achieve just yet, then “The ART OF POSSIBLE” is the workshop for you. Come hang out at our Immersion room and get to try all the latest technology and the best stone-baked pizzas in town!

Workshops are held at our Immersion Centre and or in some cases, where feasible on the client Site.

Stage One Workshops:

  • Art Of Possible
  • Persona profiling and user case defining
  • Wine and Cheese Tasting –  POC workshop
  • Create your Immersive Strategy  – Build a road map

Once a clear user case is defined identifying the right Immersive solution is the next step.

The speed and depth of new technology entering the market can make the options over whelming. MPH Groups Consultative approach, expertise, experience and access to a wide portfolio of Software and XR Headset Vendors provides you with a tailored most cost effective solution.

Consultancy Services:

  • Hand Held Proof Of Concept
  • Loan Units
  • Trials
  • Consult Workshops

Getting familiar with new technology is fun and it's easy to forget the boring bits

These headsets are not inexpensive so installing them, looking after them, measuring usage, and ensuring your estate is secure with users using them is paramount to a successful outcome.

Deployment Services

  • Roll out Strategy
  • Staging
  • Deployment

Implementation Services

  • Security
  • Integration/API Management
  • MDM Management and Analytics

Once all set up let's use them and avoid the stock room!

Through the last few years we have learnt many users have different needs, learn in different styles, adapt to change at a different pace.

Its why we developed our user adoption programmes..

User Adoption Programmes

  • Rapid User Adoption plus support
  • Rapid User Adoption Workshop
  • Train the Trainer Workshops

MPH Group provide both a 9-5 and or 24/7 support Service.

Relax knowing that our team of experts are always at hand to answer any support issues and standard support procedures from get go, so your IT team doesn’t need to be trained today to do so.

Whether it’s the headset that’s faulty and or the software platform or just a user error, The MPH Group Support Team will fix each support ticker raised on an agreed SLA, managing all issues right through to syncing with the Vendors on 3rd line.

We’ve got this all sewn up so you can be free to enjoy the experience.