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SystemActive have a team with over 10+ years’ experience in helping Enterprise customers with Immersive and field solutions. Whether you are starting your XR journey or are looking to grow your use-cases as an experienced user, we can offer a range of help, from onsite workshops with hands-on sessions, ongoing project consultancy or just simple purchase advice on which device best fits your budget and use-case. SystemActive uniquely offers a wide range of Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR) and Augmented Reality (AR) head mounted displays and Smart glasses, plus a complete range of peripherals such as gloves, haptic feedback devices, controllers and cables, as well as large-scale tracking, and then the required workstations, laptops, tablets needed to run the software, in fact everything you need for a successful installation.

All our hardware solutions are available for purchase or leasing to help you make the most of your budget and grow your capabilities over time

SystemActive is part of the JT Holdings Group of companies, founded in April 1998 we are headquartered in Heathfield in East Sussex where we house our sales, service, warehousing, logistics and administration functions, plus we have a sa les offices near Birmingham and Eastbourne.

Demanding and forward-thinking enterprises look for specialist partners who are competitive and quality-driven, can demonstrate financial strength and stability, and who can understand their unique IT systems and infrastructure requirements on an ongoing basis. SystemActive responded to this need, having built upon its wealth of technical and industry knowledge to establish a high-profile customer base, we aim to develop long-term business relationships with our clients to enable them to optimise the allocation of their IT budgets and to focus their internal resources on what is key to their business – their mission critical business applications.

We are committed to quality and customer satisfaction and our business ethos is based upon collaboration and flexibility, by combining our competitive pricing, access to large inventories of high quality product, sourcing capabilities, technical expertise and outstanding customer service. With many years of experience and a portfolio of over 15,000 information technology products from all the leading manufacturers, SystemActive are an independent supplier, offering great deals for businesses across the UK and Europe.


Napier House, Burwash Road,
Heathfield, East Sussex,
TN21 8QZ
+01435 860180

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