The metaverse enables Agility in remote teams

On March 16, 2023

In today’s economy, the ability of a company to respond quickly to changing customer needs is a truly lasting competitive advantage. The strength of agility lies in its capacity to quickly adapt to new strategies, deliver value in the lowest sustainable lead time, and restructure teams to seize better opportunities. Arthur now provides the ability to create VR offices by incorporating many productivity tools and bringing Agile principles to life. The VR office is proving to be an advanced solution for remote, engaging, and creative work sessions. Conducting Agile meetings using Arthur increases the scope beyond the in-person availability constraints as well as promotes Agile principles rooted in adaptation to changing times. The virtual environment is permanently available to remote teams and creates a sense of belonging through a virtual but physical-like presence. Specific features such as Jira and Trello integrations enable efficient team collaboration.

Benefits of VR for Agile

  • High levels of engagement and interaction
  • Permanent access to persistent content and VR spaces
  • Agile template rooms readily available
  • The feeling of true presence and being in the same room
  • In-depth productivity features
  • A unique and unforgettable experience
  • Cost and time-effective solution
  • Positioning at the forefront of innovation
  • A head-start in the Metaverse
  • The Metaverse enables Agility

Agility in the Metaverse may differ based on the organisational level

Arthur offers several Agile use cases, which differ on the hierarchical organisational level. Conduct cross-functional and cross-company events such as a PI Planning SAFe® or explore Agility on the team level with a Scrum Sprint, Co-Creation Workshop, or the Learning Lounge.

Company Level

The PI Planning SAFe® is an example of an agile use case implemented from the top down across many functions and teams within an organisation. Open virtual environments allow 50+ people to gather in one single space. Parallel VR environments provide a space where individual teams can work on their PI Objectives productively. Arthur’s extensive productivity library makes these meetings dynamic and highly interactive.

Team Level

Agile teams can conduct their Scrum sprints using dedicated and permanently available virtual rooms. Jira and Trello board integrations enable productive sprint planning and daily stand-ups. Arthur also empowers team members with Agile skills through Agile Mastermind or Leadership training sessions. OKR workshops, brainstorming using the Liberating Structures method, and Design Thinking workshops are further offerings in the co-creation area.

Tools for successful VR-based Agile


You can add sticky notes flexibly as well as pin presentations, whiteboards, photos, and videos to your pinboards. The sticky notes are available in a range of colours which allows you to colour code and structure your thoughts. Pinboard can be used as a kanban board, mind mapping tool, brainstorming, and ideation tool, or for other creative uses.

Screen Sharing

You saw a relevant news article online but don’t have it as a pdf? No problem. You can share your computer screen directly with users in VR and operate any website in real time. You can alternatively open a personal browser tab directly in VR and screen share it with all participants in the VR space.


Private Audio Zones allow users to create separate discussion zones within a space. It allows participants to converse exclusively with people inside the audio bubble and simultaneously not be distracted by conversations taking place outside of it.


has built-in integrations for tools like Miro and Jira, allowing you to interact with these efficiently directly in VR

Mixed Reality

Mixed Reality allows you to bring elements of your physical environment into VR. Unlocking an entirely new level of productivity, you can integrate physical tools such as a keyboard, desk, and surface into a VR meeting.


The VR room allows you to spawn as many whiteboards as needed. Whiteboards come in handy when you need to hash out some ideas and want a clean canvas to start. You can use a pen or pencil in various colours as per your needs.

Personal files & objects

The VR space can be fully customised with your own files and 3D objects. Either by connecting your local drive or leveraging the Arthur drive, you can ensure your most important files, decks, and VR elements are available to you at all times.