Revolutionise Your Frontline Workforce: Unlock The Power Of Industrial Augmented Reality Solutions For The Construction Industry

On February 20, 2023

What is TeamViewer Frontline?

TeamViewer Frontline is a powerful tool that empowers workers to work more effectively and efficiently. By ultilising augmented reality and remote assistance capabilities, TeamViewer Frontline allows workers to access vital information and expertise from remote experts, enabling them to complete tasks more quickly and with greater accuracy.

One of the key features of TeamViewer Frontline is its ability to provide remote assistance. This can be especially helpful in situations where workers are dealing with complex or unfamiliar tasks, as remote experts can provide critical guidance and assistance without the need for in-person support. By overlaying digital information onto the physical environment, workers can more easily identify and diagnose problems, as well as access critical information about specific tasks.

Overall, TeamViewer Frontline is an essential tool for any organisation that relies on workers to get the job done. By providing remote assistance and augmented reality capabilities, it enables workers to be more efficient, accurate and productive, ultimately leading to better outcomes and improved customer satisfaction.

Add a new dimension to your construction team: So how does TeamViewer apply to the construction industry?

Liebherr-Wek Nenzing GmbH is a construction machinery plant founded in 1976, covering an area of 254,000 metre squared and employing about 1,650 people. It specialises in the development of crawler cranes, hydraulic rope excavators, and underground construction equipment, with a focus on developing IT solutions and assistance systems for construction site optimisation.

However, a challenge faced by the plant was the difficulty for crane operators to look downwards at the machine control system while paying attention to the load, distribution and environment. This challenge was addressed with an innovative solution that uses smart glasses to display important sensor information.

TeamViewer developed an adapted version of the xInspect solution, creating a customer-specific workflow using the IoT widget to collect sensor data, including the angle of inclination, load and wind force.

The smart glasses receive the sensor information via MQTT over a machine hub, and Liebherr uses the Frontline Command Centre to manage workflows and device and user administration.

The solution is used on glass EE and Realwear HMT-1 models, greatly benefiting crane drivers who can view one or two components at the same time and relate them to each other without having to look downwards.

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Easy Track Survey is a top supplier of construction and survey equipment in the Irish market, with a strong focus on customer service. 

The supplier faces challenges such as effective communication solutions to on-site customers and connecting them to experts to troubleshoot issues of varying complexity while maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction and support efficiency. 

The solution was found through the use of TeamViewer, which allowed the support team to remotely connect to their clients’ Android or Windows-based devices, no matter their location, to help them operate the geospatial surveying equipment. 

This approach reduced travel time, technician fatigue, and cost while improving customer interaction and satisfaction, resulting in a successful outcome for the supplier.

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What does MPH recommend in terms of hardware for TeamViewer Frontline?


MPH recommends RealWear hardware for TeamViewer Frontline for a variety of reasons, including compatibility and the rugged design of the hardware for construction scenarios.

RealWear Navigator 500

The RealWear Navigator 500 is a robust augmented reality solution designed to enhance the performance of contemporary workers by engaging, empowering and elevating them. This next-generation device enables seamless communication and collaboration with remote experts, facilitates the implementation of digital workflows, and allows for the visualisation of IoT data, among other features.  By ultising the Navigator 500, businesses can safely minimise downtime, enhance quality and increase employee productivity, ultimately leading to a significant return on investment.

RealWear HMT-1 

The RealWear HMT-1 provides the foundation for connected worker programs. Use it in wet, dusty, hot, dangerous and loud industrial environments. A fully rugged head-mounted device, it optionally snaps into safety helmets or attaches to bump caps and can be used with safety glasses or corrective eyewear.

RealWear HMT-1Z1 

The RealWear HMT-1Z1 is a durable head-mounted device that is fully rugged and certified for use in hazardous environments, including ATEX Zone 1 and CSA C1/D1. This intrinsically safe device can be utilised in challenging conditions such as wet, dusty, hot and dangerous areas. It has the added feature of being able to snap onto safety helmets and can be worn with safety glasses or corrective eyewear, providing a versatile solution for various workplace scenarios.

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