New PlayStation VR2 trailer released

On September 22, 2022

New PlayStation VR2 trailer released, details some of the features


Sony has released a new trailer for its forthcoming PlayStation VR2 virtual reality headset and it shows how some of the innovative new features might be used in games.

The trailer – which you can see above – is titled “Feel a New Real” and is split into small segments showing different features. Most, if not all, have already been announced previously, but we get a visual representation of what they can potentially offer.

We kick off with a reference to 4K HDR visuals, altough that’s split to 2000 x 2040 pixels for each eye. The eye tracking feature is shown next, with a weapons on a wheel being able to be chosen just by looking at them.

Foveated rendering goes hand in hand with eye tracking, as it can ensure that the parts of the screen you are directly looking at are rendered at a higher resolution than those you aren’t. That way, the PS5’s resources can be focused on specific areas to increase their detail and crispness. And the best bit is you shouldn’t notice.

A 110-degree field of view will be great for games that require more visual scope, while the hardware also comes with some fancy features.

Finger touch detection adds a more tactile experience, as do the Sense controller’s adaptive triggers and haptic feedback.

Interestingly, the headset itself will have feedback built into the band so you’ll feel objects that come near your head, for example.

Finally, Sony’s Tempest 3D audio will give you a better virtual surround experience to go with the new PSVR model.

The only sad news that emerged recently is that the PSVR2 will not be compatible with its predecessor’s games, which is a huge shame for those who have collected a fair few of them over the years.

The Sony PlayStation VR2 will be available from early 2023. You can read more about it in our in-depth round-up: Sony PlayStation VR2 for PS5: Specs, rumours and what we know so far about PSVR2.