Meta Quest Pro leaks online with unboxing video

On September 12, 2022



We’ve heard a few things about Meta’s next VR headset over the last few months. In fact, we recently learnt that the Meta Quest Pro (previously referred to as Project Cambria) is likely to release at some point in October 2022. Most likely it’ll be revealed during Meta Connect 2022

So it makes sense then, that other leaks and information have been trickling through. 

Now someone has posted an unboxing video of the Quest Pro after discovering it was left behind at a hotel. Zectariuz Gaming shared a clip on Facebook of the Quest Pro with “NOT FOR RESALE – ENGINEERING SAMPLE” clearly marked on the box. 

According to the original poster, the box was discovered left at the hotel they work at. The discovered headset certainly looks like the renders and other leaks we’ve seen before. 

From what we can see the new headset has three external tracking cameras on the front and one on either side. The controllers have been updated too, as the classic rings from the Quest 2 have been ditched in favour of a more streamlined design. 

Official Launch: Coming Soon


Not much has been officially revealed about the headset yet, though we do know it’s set to be significantly more expensive than the Quest 2. Meta has also said internally that the headset is set to be a “prosumer / industrial-grade mixed reality” device. So the specs should hopefully match the price and rival devices like the HTC Vive Focus 3. 

We’ll hopefully find out more at Meta Connect 2022 in October. 

Credit: Unknown.