MAgic Leap Attending CES 2023 for the first time ever

On December 19, 2022

Magic Leap announced they will be exhibiting for the first time at the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show in January. Magic Leap can be found in the two story exhibit (Tech East, LVCC Central, Booth #15875) where they will be showcasing the power of the Magic Leap platform and eight of the latest AR solutions on Magic Leap 2, including:

  • Cisco’s Webex Hologram is the industry’s first immersive 3D meetings solution, bringing real-time, photorealistic holographic experiences to Webex. Webex Hologram allows meeting participants to collaborate in more profoundly inclusive and engaging ways than ever before, even if they’re halfway across the world from one another. By projecting the presenter and their content into the viewer’s physical space, Webex Hologram creates an unprecedented experience of co-presence.
  • NVIDIA Omniverse on Magic Leap 2 demonstrates the utility of immersive digital twin solutions that leverage the powerful off-device computing and remote rendering capabilities of NVIDIA’s Omniverse.Using cutting-edge real-time graphics, remote rendering enables 3D models to stream directly to Magic Leap 2, leveraging its advanced display capabilities to give models a new degree of fidelity and realism, and making multi-user design reviews and data visualizations at scale possible and convenient.
  • Manifest by Taqtile is an AR-enabled platform that allows deskless employees to do their jobs more efficiently, accurately, and safely. Optimized for use on Magic Leap 2, Manifest leverages company-centric knowledge (3D models, digital twins, step-by-step videos, digitized procedures and documents) and supports real-time collaboration with company experts so that employees can successfully perform complex operational and maintenance tasks anywhere and at any time.
  • With Geopogo software, users instantly convert their 3D design files into AR models. This immersive, multi-user visualization app with an in-platform 3D asset library allows entire design and construction teams to stage and experience projects both on and off site before they’re built. Using Geopogo, teams can identify any design issues through in-context walkthroughs. Customers report they can design projects as much as 33% faster, eliminate construction change orders, and improve quality.
  • Avrio is an immersive and customizable AR training software platform for defense and public sector personnel. Avrio enables first responders to train for various scenarios within real-world locations by contextually integrating immersive digital within their real-world view—cutting down on the associated costs and logistics of traditional training. Realistic simulations of hazards from chemical spills to wildfires are programmable and eliminate real-world risk while providing realistic training.
  • Brainlab takes 3D diagnostic images from the confines of flat screens and lets medical professionals view them in three dimensions. Multi-user visualization of 3D diagnostics affords deeper and more insightful collaboration, presurgical planning, teaching, and communication. Colleagues and specialists around the world can collaborate on cases with a greater degree of specificity and nuance, planning and rehearsing surgeries before a single incision is made. Brainlab’s 3D models can be brought into the OR for surgical teams to reference, mark, and scale.
  • Magic Leap Assist lets users share their on-device view of real-world and digital content with participants to make in-context expert assistance possible. By generating a 3D mesh of the user’s environment, remote experts joining via web browser can guide or instruct the Magic Leap 2 user with annotation tools like arrows, labels, and drawings that remain fixed within their physical environment. Participants can also send Magic Leap 2 users files like schematics, 3D objects, and any other useful material which the user can scale and position at will.
  • Magic Leap Wildfire was developed internally by Magic Leap for the World Economic Forum. It is a defense and public sector command and control station demonstration. Wildfire shows how Magic Leap 2 can integrate continually updated, intelligent, real-world content for users contextually, within an immersive god’s-eye view of a given scenario. By giving an accurate and in-depth live view of a large scenario, Magic Leap 2 enables quick and efficient deployment and management of resources.

If you are attending CES, You can find the Magic Leap exhibit (Tech East, LVCC Central, Booth #15875) to experience a demo and learn more about Magic Leap’s AR platform.