Magic Leap 2 Is The First AR Device to Receive 60601 Certification For Use In The Operating Room

A great start for Magic Leap in 2023

Magic Leap CEO Peggy Johnson announced last night during the AMD keynote at CES that Magic Leap 2 is the first ever Augmented Reality device to earn an IEC 60601 certification. IEC 60601 is a series of technical standards for the safety and effectiveness of medical electrical equipment. This certification allows Magic Leap 2 to be the first AR device used both in an operating room as well as in other clinical settings. Now surgeons no longer have to turn their focus away from the patient to look at a 2D screen. With Magic Leap 2, critical data and 3D visualization are integrated into the operating suite digitally, so the surgeon’s focus can remain on the patient.

Magic Leap partner, SentiAR, has developed a solution that connects physicians to live clinical data and images via the Magic Leap 2 platform. This frees a provider from having to navigate a catheter through blood vessels of the heart while looking at a 2D screen. With SentiAR, the physician is able to see a 3D map of a patient’s heart and the location of the catheter – in real-time. The SentiAR solution is now under review by the FDA, and is expected to be in the market later this year.

Credit: Magic Leap Newsroom