How to refund a game on Meta Quest 2

On September 14, 2022

Refund for a purchased game


If you’ve bought a game for your Meta Quest 2 and have post-purchase regret then there’s good news as you can request a refund. 

There are a lot of good games for Meta Quest 2, but sometimes it’s hard to know if you’re going to like something before you’ve tried it. Just like with games purchased on Steam, Meta has a pretty good game refund policy. So it’s possible in some cases to get a refund and get your hard-earned money back. Stick with us to find out how. 

Do you meet the refund policy requirements?


In order to be eligible for a game refund for your Quest 2, you first need to meet the necessary requirements. If you don’t then chances are you won’t be able to. In order to be eligible you need to:

  • Have used the game or app for less than two hours total
  • Request the refund within 14 days of purchase 

How to request a refund on your Quest 2


In order to request a refund, the first step is to open up the app on your smartphone. Launch the Meta Quest app on your Android phone or an Apple iPhone to begin. Then follow these steps:

  1. Click the menu button on the bottom right of the app
  2. From there click on the settings button 
  3. Then look for the purchase history option 
  4. Click that and find the game you want to refund
  5. Click that and you should then see an option to “request refund”

At this point, you might find the game or app is ineligible for a refund, if not then you can submit your request and wait for feedback. 

Once you’ve requested a refund you won’t be able to use the game anymore and it can take as much as seven days before you’ll hear whether your request has been approved. You can check in the purchased history settings to see the status of your request at any time though. 

If the request for a refund is approved then you’ll get the money back via the same method you used to purchase. This may add more time to the refund process, depending on the payment service provider. 

Requesting a refund for a gifted game


It’s also possible to request a refund on a gifted game on your Quest 2.

If a friend has purchased a game for you that doesn’t work properly or you’re not enjoying it, then you can request a refund for it. You’ll need to fit the same criteria as for a refund though. So you must not have used it for more than two hours and you must request a refund in less than 14 days from the original purchase. 

If you request a refund for a gifted game and it gets approved then the funds will be returned to the person who sent you the gift in the first place. 

To request a refund on a gift, open the Meta App on your phone and follow these steps:

  1. Click the menu button on the bottom right of the app
  2. From there click on the settings button 
  3. Click on manage gifts and select the “redeemed” 
  4. Find the app or game you want to refund and click it
  5. Click “request refund”

As with requesting a refund on games you’ve purchased, it can take as much as seven days for the request to be processed and longer for the money to be returned to the giftee. 

What if the refund is denied?


Sometimes you might find your refund is denied or perhaps that you’re outside of the timeframe because you forgot to request a refund and the 14 days have passed. 

If you feel that you deserve a refund because you’ve purchased a game that simply doesn’t work or is full of bugs and other problems, then you may still have an avenue to explore. If you find yourself stuck, you can get in touch with Meta Customer Support here and request help. 

Find out more by taking a look at the Meta Quest/Rift Content Refund Policy