GigXR launches Insight Series in Partnership with ANIMA RES

On November 16, 2022 

The new Gig Immersive Learning platform gains new immersive learning tools


Today, GigXR (extended reality), a firm designing immersive healthcare training solutions, announced the availability of the Insight Series, an integrated selection of holographic, hyper-realistic, real-time 3D (RT3D) models that simulate organs.

GigXR debuted the new content library options with assistance from ANIMA RES, a firm distributing RT3D medical animations and interactive assets for healthcare clients in the pharmaceutical, medical and biotechnological sectors. ANIMA RES also has experience working with major technology partners, including Apple, Microsoft, Google, and Magic Leap.

The integrated ANIMA RES Insight series of immersive content includes RT3D models of the lungs, heart, and kidneys. ANIMA RES’ models enable healthcare trainees to view the selected virtual organs at various stages of illness and diseases.

Pablo Olmos, the CEO of ANIMA RES, said that the Insight series gives learners accurate information regarding organ function and disease progression.

Olmos explained,

“Partnering with GigXR gives us the springboard to expand our geographic reach to match GigXR’s global footprint and get our market-leading content into the hands of educators and learners worldwide. Together, we aim to give learners the best tools for success throughout training and clinical practice”

Medical tutors and learners can access the ANIMA RES content via GigXR’s Gig Immersive Learning Platform, which provides a scalable and monetarily efficient library of holographic anatomy content.

ANIMA RES first patterned with GigXR in April this year to scale the platform’s eLearning capabilities with new content and tools.

New Holographic Training Content


On the Gig Immersive Learning Platform, institutions and instructors can access the ANIMA RES content, alongside other immersive training content distributed by GigXR, as RT3D holographic augmented reality (AR) assets.

ANIMA RES’ Insight series provides an in-depth look at the effects of diseases on vital organs, making the holographic content a pivotal resource for medical and nursing studies. He also believes that the immersive content offering will advance healthcare training by providing a deeper understanding of the human body.

What did ANIMA RES Include?


The GigXR central immersive learning hub allows users to interact with content via an XR headset, smartphone, and tablet. The flexible program makes it easy for learners to access the new ANIMA RES content, which includes:

Insight Heart, which shows the movements of a healthy heart. Although, the heart asset can reflect the organ at various stages of common problems, including myocardial infarction – commonly known as a heart attack. The Insight Heart asset can also simulate the effects of atrial fibrillation and arterial hypertension.

The sophisticated model enables trainees to observe the organ in different conditions to solve misdiagnoses and to help medical staff identify issues as early as possible.

Insight Lung gives trainees an immersive in-depth look at asthma and COPD. The holographic model displays an affected lung in comparison to a healthy one. Therefore, allowing students to understand the pathology and proper treatment for asthma and COPD.

Moreover, Insight Kidney provides an immersive macroscopic to microscopic visualisation of the organ in a healthy state and displays the kidney in stages of common and rare diseases such as CKD, aHUS, IgAN and C3G. The ANIMA RES asset lets learners gain insight into the structural and functional changes caused by each pathology.

Jared Mermey, the CEO of GigXR, added:

“The debut of the Insight Series with ANIMA RES reinforces our ability to collaborate with leading mixed reality partners while also providing healthcare institutions the content and tools to scale high-quality immersive learning across their curriculum”

The Gig Immersive Learning Platform


Tutors can integrate the ANIMA RES’ holographic content as elements to enhance learning outcomes across the Gig Immersive Learning Platform ecosystem.

GigXR enables healthcare training institutions to incorporate the Insight content into its other immersive learning offerings, such as HoloScenarios, HoloHuman and HoloPatient.

GigXR designed the HoloScenarios solution with medical experts at the University of Cambridge to give students, nurses, and doctors a virtual space to hone their skills in clinical medicine using a holographic patient.

The CEO of GigXR also noted,

“As holographic training gains global adoption, GigXR is committed to providing the same flexibility and ease of use as traditional teaching tools while allowing its benefits to enhance the learning experience with its natural advantages. The Gig Immersive Learning Platform makes integrating multiple immersive applications that span different health topics easy to do such that an instructor can seamlessly use multiple apps even during a single lesson”

Additionally, the Gig immersive Learning Platform provides tutors with a centralised dashboard to manage training procedures. It also has tools for scheduling immersive learning sessions, distributing learning content amongst remote participants, single sign-in onboarding, and streamlined content access using QR codes.

With its learning hub, GigXR provides institutions with an infrastructure to deploy large-scale immersive learning solutions. The service lets mentors curate a custom catalogue of immersive content which suits their learning outcomes and curriculum.

Interested institutions can access the Gig Immersive Learning Platform and the ANIMA RES Insight series via GigXR’s sales experts. Moreover, GigXR is demoing its learning platform at the IEEE/ACM Chase 2022 Conference on November 19 with help from Cohen. During the event, he will showcase the Insight Lung and the Respiratory Module of HoloScenario.