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We have distribution on a range of new and immersive technology brands covering the XR market solution end to end




Amount added to the UK's economy through AR & VR by 2030.

graph up



Five-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for worldwide AR/VR spends.




Corporations spending on workplace training initiatives worldwide.




Businesses in industrial sectors that see VR/AR as critical to business goals over the next 2 years.

Immersive Technology usage is set for exponential growth,
what are you doing with yours?

Through new and immersive technology our purpose is to spark imagination in the workplace to improve business performances and enable innovation...

We deliver the full Immersive solution via our H-VAD business model.

Hyper Value Added Distribution

With H-VAD ™, we commit to provide a better service across the channel to support our eco system; our partners, businesses and our vendors.

Putting soul back into distribution, we offer full transparency at all levels while creating value across the distribution channel to provide not only the product, we also have expertise, professional services, software and support all under one roof.

If you want to have a different outcome you need to do things differently and this is why we are different!


The workplace has evolved. Have you?

We know, as a business thriving for excellence, you are always looking to improve your company performance. The good thing is, we don’t expect you to know everything about new and immersive technology. We are here to help, educate, consult and support you as we move into an era of screenless computing.

Whether it is reducing cost; improving productivity, reducing carbon footprint, or increasing retention. Whatever the company goals are immersive technology used correctly is proving to have a dramatic impact.

No fluff, just the best in this space. We work with the real experts, carry the best of breed Vendors and can best advise you on your new and immersive technology strategy.


Own this space and grow exponentially

The speed at which technology evolves today makes it difficult for anyone to stay at the forefront of technology whilst keeping abreast on the day to day. We understand that as a partner, you won’t have the time to know it all.

That’s why we created H-VAD™.

Through our Hyper Value Added Distribution approach we get you up to speed on the best solutions in new and immersive technology.  Access XR Pre sales, Professional Services, Loan Units and our very own Immersion Room.


You don’t NEED to have it all figured out, but we do

Expand beyond your wildest dreams.

We know, the essential part of your successful expansion is great marketing and sales and that’s where we can come in to support you.

Our smart H-VAD platform integrates marketing and sales resources to ensure your products fit the market. Plus, with the MPH quality accreditation, we help you build your brand credibility, access our large network and expand your distribution reach.


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